UJJAWALA HOME (Shakti Sadan-2)

Since the year 2009, NSPs UJJAWALA home has been taking up impulsive actions to put an end to the trafficking of women and children. It has been dedicated to Prevention of Trafficking and Rescue, Rehabilitation & Reintegration of victim of trafficking for Commercial Sexual Exploitation. Such program is funded by Department Women & Child Development, Govt. of Odisha. NSPs UJJAWALA home can accommodate 50 inmates at a time. This home is built up over an area of 4000Sq. feet. In-house infrastructure, amenities and other facilities like dormitories, living area, Training hall, Recreation Room, Kitchen, Toilet and Bathing Complex etc. have been made available for the inmates. The Project Director, Doctor, Psychiatrist, clinical Psychologist/Counselor, Clerk/Accountant, Social Workers and security Guards are working for the overall management, care, support service and protection of the rescued women either “vulnerable to” or “victim of” trafficking for commercial and sexual exploitation. The home carry forward different activities such as Rescue, rehabilitation, reintegration, prevention, repatriation and regular follow up as per the scheme components.

  • ACHIEVEMENTS:  Since the commencement of the project 375 women have been rescued, rehabilitated and reintegrated.
  • During the year 2022-23, 22 new cases rescued and then admitted in the UJJAWALA Home.  One Legal Awareness camp-cum-Sensitization program was conducted about gender violence in which representatives of local DLSA, Police Station and DRTC attended.
  • 20 women beneficiaries received vocational training (Tailoring & Applique).  An unmarried young woman was rescued from pathetic circumstances where she was socially discriminated and stigmatized for her unanticipated pregnant condition.
  • Our volunteers rescued her and provided here required protection and care services.  30 inmates were provided study materials for promotion of their education standard.


Swadhar Greh (Shakti Sadan-1)

NSP Swadhar Home in Dayavihar has been providing vital assistance to women who are facing difficulties. This project is supported by the Department of Women & Child Development, Govt. of Odisha, and its primary objective is to provide women with the necessary requirements, such as shelter, food, clothing, medical treatment, and emotional support, so that they can regain their emotional strength and rebuild their lives with dignity. In addition to the basic facilities, the Swadhar Greh also offers legal aid and guidance to women to help them reintegrate into their family and society. Vocational training in tailoring, knitting work, applique making, and wick rolling are also provided to the inmates after a thorough Training Needs Assessment (TNA) to improve their skills and enable them to be economically rehabilitated. The children of the inmates are provided with formal education at the nearby school and Anganwadi Center. NSP has also arranged recreational facilities for the inmates, such as a TV set, newspapers, magazines, and counselling and entertainment events. The Swadhar Home has the intake capacity of 50 women and covers an area of 11,620 sq. ft. This includes dormitories, open spaces, a kitchen, a store room, a training hall, and recreation areas, among other amenities. To ensure the efficient management of the home and its services, the Swadhar Greh has a team comprising a Superintendent, Counselor, DEO, Doctor, Guard, and Watchman. The project has been critical in providing a safe and secure space for women who need support and care to rebuild their lives with confidence.

  • Since its inception (2004), the Swadhar Greh has provided shelter to total 917 beneficiaries.  
  • During the reporting period, 18 women out of 50 inmates (sheltered) have been rehabilitated who maintain a standard life.  
  • The inmates have received vocational trainings on tailoring, appliqué making and wick-rolling


One Stop Centre (OSC)

Women are often subjected to various forms of violence and harassment, and require immediate assistance and support during such adverse situations.

  • Being a partnership agency extended their cooperation to provide facilities to different deprived women and girl children.
  • As part of our commitment to women's welfare, NSP has established and managing the "One Stop Centre (OSC)" at Gopabandhu Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital campus, Puri town with effect from 1st January 2020.
  • The rationale behind setting up the OSC is to provide a secure and safe environment for women survivals and offer a wide range of support services and assistance under a single roof.
  • This is a crucial initiative which provides medical, legal, police, psychological counseling, and shelter services to women who experience any form of violence.
  • We have been receiving financial support and technical guidance from the Department of Women & Child Development, Govt. of Odisha, and cooperation from key stakeholders, which help to facilitate the services expected by survivors.

  • No of participants reached since the commencement: 3409 .
  • No. of survivors attained/cases registered during the reporting year: 241
  •  No. of orientation/workshops for Government officers/Judiciary/Legal Expert/Police Officers/NGOs/Staffs organized during the reporting Year: 12 .
  • Total No of officials participated in all the programs organized during the reporting year: 168


. Working Women Hostel (SAKHI NIWAS)

In search of employment and family livelihood promotion, women of economically poor families usually go outside and even leave their homes for days, weeks and months long. One of the main difficulties faced by such women is lack of safe and conveniently located accommodation. NSP being concerned about their difficulties established a working Womens’ hostel at its main campus in the year 2004, that stands over an area of 11400Sq. ft. supported by Ministry of Women & Child Development, Govt. of India. The objective is to Promote availability of safe and convenient accommodation for working women with day care facility to their children for Single, Widowed, divorced or separated women. Preference is given to working women from disadvantaged sections with provision for reservation of seats for physically challenged beneficiaries. The hostel has 10 nos. Single Seated Rooms, 4 Double Seated Rooms and 16 Triple Seated Rooms along with basic assets and facilities. The total intake capacity of the Hostel is 66 persons. All basic amenities like Bed, Table, Chairs, Amirah etc. are available along with electricity and water connections.

  • Since inception, a total 592 Working Women have been covered.
  • And during 2022-23 total 66 working women were provided accommodation & available services in the hostel.