“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Profile of NSP (Nilachal Seva Pratisthan)

Founding Story--> The devastating cyclone of 1978, accompanied by a prolonged drought and a huge flood in 1980, left a significant number of people in a state of shock and destitution in Odisha. In the face of such adversity, a team of grass-roots volunteers, inspired by the Gandhian philosophy, came forward to assist thousands of victims by collecting relief materials from individual donors to meet their basic needs and aid their recovery. The tremendous outpouring of humanitarian aid and philanthropic initiative motivated these volunteers to establish "Nilachal Seva Pratisthan (NSP)," an organization dedicated to the values of equality, justice, and peace. Later, NSP was registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, vide Registration No.226/13 on 26.04.1981. Since then, NSP has been unwavering in its commitment to implement various welfare activities and programs for socio-economic, health, environmental and human resource development. Seva (service to mankind) and Daya (sympathy and empathy for the destitute and marginalized sections of society) are our core values guiding our social actions. From its inception, NSP has relentlessly pursued welfare and developmental activities to alleviate the concerns, issues and problems affecting the underprivileged and disadvantaged segments of society. NSP has been the recipient of awards and commendations for its exceptional accomplishments and accredited by Credibility Alliance for Good Governance

Membership at District/State/National level:--> Indian Red Cross society (OSB), State Mental Health Authority, District Child Labour Prevention Committee, Council of Higher Secondary Education (Odisha), NSS Advisory Committee, Programme Advisory Committee(PAC) of DIET (Puri), District Aadhaar committee (for welfare of older persons), Puri District Local Level Committee of National Trust E.C., Voluntary Co-ordination Committee for Adoption, Member of Governing Body of District Rural Development Agency (DRDA)-Puri. District ICP Society; & District ICP Council, District SC/ST Atrocities Prevention Committee, being a pioneering Voluntary Organization

Location & Infrastructure

NSP is located 35 kilometers away from the district headquarter and beach town Puri on the coast line of Bay of Bengal and 55 kilometers form Capital City Bhubaneswar/Airport by road ways. Located in a green, calm and soulful site besides the bank of river Daya, the exact geography is 1.5 kilometer North-east to Jankia - Gadasahi Square at New Jagannath Sadak (Puri-Saranakul National Highway) in the block of Kanas. Constructed over an area of 27 acres of own land and more than 1.72 lakh Sft. built up space including a satisfactory asset base to operationalize different projects in an ambient environment including all basic amenities for residential units and offices etc. Other than the day to day usable amenities, facilities, office equipment, furniture & fixtures, etc., the organisation holds 2.62 Crores fixed assets as on 31.03.2023. The organization is surrounded with lovely coconut trees and vast green paddy fields. The whole environment splashes the typical fragrance of rural habitation where the Soul of India Lives in.

Objectives of the Organization (NSP)----> To promote, plan, undertake, develop, maintain projects, programmes, activities aimed at all round development, creation of employment opportunities, sustainable, livelihood, promotion of self-reliance, generation of awareness, organization and improvement in the quality of life of the people in rural and urban areas / slum pockets through voluntary action. ? To do all acts and things necessary to facilitate the charitable, social, cultural, educational, vocational & economic development of the society. ? To initiate, promote and implement projects, schemes works & actions coinciding Act, rules, policies of Govt. of India / State wise Act, rules, policies and programmes for development of the people and environment under Go -NGO partnership and publicprivate partnership initiatives highlighting / focusing on National Priority Programmes. (in Health, education, agriculture, Social Justice & Empowerment livelihood sector etc.) and millennium development goals for the people. ? To promote national integration, encourage, support and develop social welfare programmes for balanced growth of the nation. ? To implement and carryout project/ programmes /actions for welfare, social justice, rehabilitation and empowerment of disadvantaged, marginalized & weaker sections of society viz-scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, minorities, backward classes, persons with disabilities, aged & infirm, destitute & deserted women, children, victims of drug abuse and bring the target groups into mainstream of national development by making them self-reliant. ? To provide basic need of shelter, food, clothing, care & protection to /for marginalized/destitute women, children (abandoned kids, orphan, child laborers, ,street children/ differently abled/ girl child/ girls living in difficult circumstances) who are without any social and economic support & to provide them Home/ shelter, emotional support, counseling, rehabilitation through education, awareness, skill-up-gradation, personality development, clinical/legal support and help line and re-establish them in the society & others as reflected in the Memorandum of Association w.r.t (point No.3 (i to xxxi) & 3B (i to xv) of Aims & Objectives)