From Founder cum Secretary's Pen

I am pleased to present the annual report of NSP for the year 2022-23, which highlights our efforts and achievements towards our vision and mission of creating a better society where equal opportunity is ensured to everyone. Over the last 42 years (from 1980 …) of our tireless journey with encounting so many ups and downs, we have been able to build-up NSP as a “Centre of Excellence” wherein birds of different feathers flocks together in a human tree chirping & buzzing from dawn to dusk with smell and fragrance. Over the years, around 1050+ disadvantaged, destitute, helpless & vulnerable segments of population are rescued and under rehabilitation process by NSP, trying to/being helped to transform themselves from odd to even and negative negligence to mainstreaming them as a humanitarian servitude. Despite the unprecedented challenges, NSP continued to provide support and care to the marginalized sections of the society. Our dedicated team and frontline workers worked tirelessly to ensure our programs and initiatives were not disrupted and that those in needs received the desired support, they aspired. Through various programs and intervention, we were able to provide shelter, food, education, healthcare and other care & support services to our target people, inmates including vulnerable women, children, PWDs and the elderly citizens. We also conducted awareness, sensitization and capacity building activities round the year to improve their lives. None of this would have been possible without the support of our partners, donors, volunteers, staffs and Board of Management. Their commitment and passion towards our noble cause have been instrumental in the path of our success and achievements. As we move forward, we remain committed to our vision of a society where everyone has access to equal opportunities and a life of dignity. We look forward to everyone’s continued & benign support in our journey towards a better tomorrow….. (Subas Chandra Gajendra) Secretary & Founder

Subas Chandra Gajendra