Integrated Rehabilitation Centre for Addicts (IRCA)

NSP with the financial support of Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of India has been managing 2 nos. IRCAs with the following objectives: (I) To create awareness and educate people about ill-effects of alcoholism and substance abuse. (II) To provide community based services for the identification motivation counseling de-addiction after care and Rehabilitation for whole person recovery of an addicts (III) We take both instructional non institutional measures including medical to release drug and alcohol addicts from the dreadful and monstrous clutches and their Rehabilitation through our Integrated Rehabilitation Centers of Addicts.

  • Since commencement of both the Centers a total no. of 20,346 cases have been covered out of which 15,869 nos. have been rehabilitated and maintaining their life with free from drugs abuse and alcohol consumption.
  •  During the reporting year 2022-23, 410 numbers of OPD cases were registered at Puri Centre and 417 at Chhatrapur Centre.
  • They were provided motivational counseling services, proper guidance spiritual and medication services including regular facilities.
  • Total 361 (181+180) addicts those who were admitted in both the Centres for their detoxification out of them 334 addicts were detoxified & then discharged from Centers.
  • Out of them 90% have been rehabilitated with their families and engaged at different work places.
  •  3040 individual counseling sessions, 1528 family counseling sessions, 499 group counseling sessions conducted at both the Centers. Besides, 96 awareness programmes conducted to create public awareness about ill-effects of substance abuse and alcohol use. Both the centers have achieved whole person recovery (WPR) of 5 nos. beneficiaries.