KALYANI - a satellite Rehabilitation Home for mental illness

Mental illness pushes people in to fear, gloom, isolation and their life becomes difficult because they face too many problems all alone. Considering to their pathetic situation, we were in search for finding support to run a shelter home in our project area. Our dream became true while we established “KALYANI” a rehabilitation Home for people with mental illness in 2019 Supported by Department of Social Security & Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Govt. of Odisha. ‘Kalyani’ is also known as the Satellite Rehabilitation Centre of Mental Health Institute (MHI), S.C.B Medical College & Hospital, Cuttack. 2021 105 246 294 405 0 100 200 300 400 500 2019- 2020 2020- 2021 2021- 2022 2022- 2023 From time to time the above said MHI and District Social Security Officers many Districts of Odisha send Mental ill persons for successful rehabilitation in this home which has a big intake capacity for rehabilitation. This home focuses all sorts of rehab services to those persons who have been cured of their mental illness, but are found homeless or are not accepted by their families to return to their parental homes. Every facilities and services at Kalyani are provided following the SoP as per provisions of Mental Health Care Act 2017 and guidelines of Ministry of S.J & E, Govt. of India vide circular No.29- 01/2017-DD-II, Dt.18 Aug. 2017. Facilities & Services: ? Dormitories, recreation room, dining hall, kitchen, store, office, library, counseling & guidance room ? Routinely rehabilitative care, support & services are provided by trained manpower (Coordinator, Psychiatrist, Social Workers, Counselors, Care Givers, Security Guard & Para Medical Staffs) ? A Committee is in place for overall management (sanitation, hygiene, food, basic amenities and recreation facilities) of this rehab home. ? The medical unit regularly undertakes health check-ups of the inmates ? Regular contacts are made with the MHI, Cuttack in case of any emergency need ? Patients if found with any critical status, immediately referred to nearby CHC, Kanas or the DHH, Puri. ? Inmates are encouraged for yoga practices, breathing & physical exercises ? Recreation facilities are provided (such as music, prayer, songs, recitations, indoor games, library books, newspapers, TV serial, painting, writing, G.K. competition etc. ? Inmates get an opportunity for their experience sharing during observation of various festive occasions like Holi, Raja, Independence Day, Ganesh Puja, Rakhya Bandhan, Dusshera and Saraswati Puja, etc. ? Vocational Training in tailoring, knitting, poultry, mushroom & petty shop are provided after analyzing their interest areas and needs assessment.

  • At present total 405 people with mental illness are residing in the rehabilitation home – Kalyani to whom all types care, support and services provided.  
  • 65 beneficiaries have been provided vocational training on tailoring, kitchen garden promotion.
  • 58 Persons have been rehabilitated with their families after full recovery of their mental illness during 2022-23.