People’s Action Committees for Awareness / IEC

Regularly and once in a month (last day of the month) “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” events were organized at nearby Bazar, village in order to maintain a clean environment. The inmates of NSP, rallies with posters, banners and placards created the awareness among the public and had taken oath & signature campaign regarding Swachh Bharat Mission and cleaning exercises, etc. During 2022-23 about 26 Abhiyan were organized spreading 78 hours @3 hours per event.

Conclusion and way forward:

Needless to say, our approach to social protection and welfare is holistic and multidimensional, recognizing that vulnerable groups often face interconnected and complex challenges that require integrated solutions. Our programs have enabled the target beneficiaries and communities in different ways. Looking ahead, NSP must continue to prioritize the inclusion of marginalized and vulnerable groups in its ongoing welfare programs and activities, while also working towards strengthening its implementation mechanisms and monitoring frameworks. This will require adequate resource allocation, donors and stakeholders in-genuine support. Furthermore, the NSP must also ensure that the rights-based approach is embedded in all its interventions, and that the target beneficiaries are actively involved in the design, implementation, and monitoring of the programs. This will not only help in ensuring that the programs are responsive to the needs of the beneficiaries but also in promoting accountability and transparency. In addition, the NSP must also leverage technology and innovation to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of its programs and services. Also NSP will give importance for documentation and publication of its impulsive works and actions to spread across the society for better replication.